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6th July
PPC meeting

8th July
Gospel & Faith Sharing Group

10th July

Livestream Mass
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13th July

Playgroup resumes
School resumes for Term 3

15th July

Wednesday Mass with Fr Michael
(not live-streamed)
Gospel & Faith Sharing Group

17th July

Livestream Mass




Until further notice, all masses have been cancelled.
The church and office are now closed to visitors.  
Staff will be working remotely to keep everyone up to date.
Please email or phone if you need to see/speak with a member of staff.

Welcome to our Parish website

If you are a new or intending parishioner, we warmly welcome you and hope this website gives you a little insight into our vibrant parish community here in Harristown.

New and existing parishioners are encouraged to actively participate in our parish by joining a group or joining the rosters for reading, special minister of communion, greeting, music etc. There are other opportunities to get involved e.g. keeping our gardens tidy or joining our planned giving program. Please contact the parish office for more information.

We hope this website will be an informative and handy reference point to keep you up to date with special events, meetings, and our weekly newsletter, etc.

Our Pastoral Vision - "A Place at the Table for All"

St Anthony's Parish comes to life when we gather for Eucharist.
The table of Jesus
~ Embraces the Table of God's Word and the Table of the Eucharist
~ Around this table, all are welcome.

At St Anthony’s, there Is a place at the table for all
This is a table of GIFT.
This is a table of INVITATION and REACHING OUT.
This is a table of HOSPITALITY and WELCOME.
This is a table of HOPE.
This is a table of SERVICE.
This is a table of HISTORY.
This is a table of JOY and CELEBRATION.
This is a table of PRAYER.

We are mindful of those times over the years when our community of faith has gathered for Eucharist at this table. 

We are mindful of the many years of listening to God's Word; of heeding the call to a change of heart and of life.

We are mindful of the faithful prayer around the kitchen tables of daily life and the inner tables of our hearts.

We are mindful of the Last Supper when Jesus gathered with his friends, shared bread and wine and washed their feet.